Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hello, bonjour, hey, howdy, hi, yo yo, what's crackalackin'? ever wished you went to hogwarts? opened your wardrobe in hope to find a magical world behind the door? become a dragonrider? how awesome would that be, i'll tell you, supercalafragalisticexpialadotious awesome. i have often dreamt about pulling out my wand to help protect myself and my fellow three best friends harry ron and hermione or gallavanting around Narnia with lucy, susan, peter and edmund and flying dragons with eragon. the other night actually i had a dream that ron weasly was my boyfriend and he was coming to pick me up from my house so we could go to hogwarts together but i had to finish packing my trunk and then much to my dismay i awoke to the sound of my alarm pulling me back into reality. how i wished it wasn't so. dreams are just so unfair. although i am glad some of my dreams aren't true (who wants to be chased around by massive dinosaurs? no one that's who).

ps. i have a slight crush on skandar keynes , the guy who plays edmund

that was short. x


  1. ELLA. I wish Ron was your boyfriend. I have a crush on his twin brothers, you could totally hook me up.