Thursday, February 21, 2013

hello again.

So i thought it had been even more than two years since I made a blog post, which it has been, and for some reason I have decided to start writing on here again. This could be because i have spent my last two days off sitting at home literally doing nothing, so now, at 5:19pm, i have found something to do that doesn't involve the tv or tumblr. Don't get me wrong tumblr is fine but i find really all I find myself doing on it is reblogging pictures. Here I can write, yes you can do that on tumblr, but nobody cares and blogger seems the place to spill. 

The last time I blogged was the beginning of the dreaded year of the final year at school. Year 12 both sucks butt and is super at the same time. Since then i have finished high school, with what i was very happy with, started at Deakin University studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science, but specifically Environmental Management and Sustainability, I travelled through Siem Reap, Phnom Pehn, Sihanoukville, Cambodia and Saigon, Vietnam, and have since left Deakin to continue studying at The University of Melbourne.

Right now I'm caught between first and second year, and nobody seems to be helping. Each person you ring just refers you to another, it has become quite infuriating, why can't anybody just answer the questions. "I've got them mooo-OOO-oo-OOO-ooo-oo-OO-ves like Jagger". Everybody loves a good pop song. And if not, they should. really. Back to Melbourne. just help me out. 

This is me trying to get back into blogging, it's definitely not there yet. Just like the storm that brewing above. The thunder has been slowly rumbling for the past half hour, it's like when you need to sneeze and you're like, it's coming, it's coming, it's coming, gone. 

I really need to find a hobby. Hopefully this will be the start of one.

Friday, February 4, 2011

side note

holy mother of moly
matt smith, yes pleeeease

bonjour, buongiorno, hiya!
recently these holidays i found my self in the lands of france, italy and england. this wasn't just for any old reason, my dad is about to turn sixty and to celebrate we travelled parts of europe for one whole month. now we are living on beans.

first stop: paris, france.

after 24 bloody hours sitting on an aeroplane we finally landed at charles de gaulles airport at the nice and early time of 5:55 am. it was still dark. on this day we attempted to walk through our jetlag but epic failed and ended up sleeping for five hours then going out for dinner and sleeping again for another 12 hours.

our hotel, citadines, les halles

so after our seventeen hours of sleep we were are well refreshed and ready for the day. For breakfasts everyday we feasted on the best ham in the world with the best cheese on baguette yuuu-um. on our first "proper" day we went to the pompidou centre, a modern art gallery, and saw the arman collection. parts of it were rubbish, (litterally one of his focuses was on decomposing rubbish, no joke)

Pompidou Centre

new years eve was the day of our special lunch for my dads birthday. my auntie just so happened to be travelling in france at the same time as well as my cousin living in europe so we all went out to a restaurant called Au Pied de Cochon which translates as the foot of the pig, which my dad actually ate for his main. But before this terrific lunch we went to the musee rodain full of some of the most exquisite sculptures made by rodain and some works of camille claudel. This musee is the home of the famous Thinker.

i'm thinking, i'm thinking

that night we went to the church near where we were staying and saw the performance of The Violins of France who, even though the violin is not exactly my favourite instrument, were absolutely incredible. We then braced ourselves for the crowds of thousands heading to the champs elysees. it was like a mosh pit there were so many people. we walked the length up and back and then walked up to the eiffel tower to see the display. here they had no fireworks just simply lit up the tower and made it sparkle. for me i was quite happy with this as so much money is spent and wasted on fireworks every year, not to mention the impacts they have of the environment. to get home we had to catch the train with 54156563 other people who were also making use of the free metro that night.

le tour eiffel

new years day. today wherever we went we never had much luck with anything being open because it was the first of jan, we tried the grand palais which was open but had a two hour wait in which there was no way we were waiting in, we triedto see napoleons tomb but it was closed and we also tried the shops down in sait michel but most of them were closed as well. what we did do was again walk up the champs elysees which was filled with little stalls all up and down the road. it was here where we ate the mother of all kebabs for lunch, no kidding they were massive.

it's so biiiiiiiiiiiig

one of the many cute little stalls

DISNEYLAND DAY. My cousin and her boyfriend were cool enough to take me and my sister to the wonderfully magical place that is eurodisney which was AWESOME. we started off with space mountain which was the best ride i have ever been on. it was pitch black the whole time but there were holograms of stars/planets/asteroids so it felt you were travelling through space. we went on buzz lightyears laser blast where you had to shoot the evil zurg signs whilst spinning around our own carriage. I scored over 600,000, greta scored just over 100,000 so as a team we lost. then we waited in line for BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN (caps necessary) which was way better than any of us could remember. the ride went for ages around the mountain as well as inside the mountain where you could not see a thing .


after we braved the phantom manor which was really well done and then went on the double loop-de-loop rollercoaster that was indiana jones..dramatic pause... and the temple of peril which again was awesome.we then found a tree which we thought was Peter Pans but it turned out it was some family called the robinsons but we just pretended it was peter pans. Now was the time that we entered fantasy land where we span and span in mad hatter's teacups after squishing 5 adult size people into one tiny teacup.

lanterns above the teacups

then it was it's a small world which was majorly cute and we found australia who was represented by a kangaroo and an aborigine. before we left we went on space mountain again and watched the parade.
Once back near our apartment it was 11 o'clock and we hadn't eaten since 12 so we had a quick maccas run. in paris we had maccas. it was a brilliant day.

next stop: venice!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

on a rolllllllllll.

so for the second night in a row i have found myself writing a blog, wowzers.

so school's out on friday. hallelujah. then soon i will be in the wonderfully glorious country that is europe, which i will blog about, for an entire month. squeeeee. but then alas when i return i will be going into what is my final year of high school. the big one. what all this has built up to. the dreaded pressures of year bloody twelve. but on the plus side there's the common room and being top of the school. even though it sounds horrible but i do, a little bit, like having the power of making people move in the corridors or up the stairs so that i can get through cue evil laughter, not really. but seriously, i think this power is going to my head. poor little year seven's. it's funny to think that, when in year seven, i looked at the year twelves and pretty much saw these smart adults who did copious amounts of homework in really difficult subjects. pffft. yeah. whatever. adults? what was i thinking? i still act as though i'm thirteen, and homework? what homework? i don't remember doing much of that this year. and as for mature, i think the picture speaks for itself.

secretly i'm still a little year seven on the inside.

Friday, November 19, 2010

and it's flippin' awesome.
and i must admit i have a crush on tom felton and rupert grint.

mmmmm mexican

so the other night was my sisters birthday. i am now the sister to a fourteen year old. weird. but anyway she decided she wanted to have a mexican fiesta for her birthday dinner filled with tacos and enchiladas overflowing with mince, cheese, lettuce, guacamole taco sauce and mounds of sour creams. mmm sour cream. anyway me, being the brilliant person that i am, came up with the idea to make it a real fiesta and dress up with ponchos and moustaches. so that's what we did. mum and i went to spotlight and bought material to which we cut holes in for our heads and bought black face paint for our moustaches. when we came out my sister burst out laughing and was scared that people would see us throught the windows.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

long time no see

why hello there, remember me? i am sorry for neglecting you internet, i have missed talking to you, i just haven't had the time to write to you. not really my life is just so uninteresting and i am lazy.

so ages ago i was given a blog award! holy moly! it was given t
o me by this amazing person LAURA

The rules of the tag are:

1. Post who gave you this award2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers (but i can't do this because i do not know of any *sadface*) and notify them with a comment

so as i have already answered 1. here are 10 things that i like, enjoy:

numéro un: HARRY POTTER.

i love starting to read one of them and then look to check the time and wow 2 hours has gone past. i love getting lost in the book and being invited into another world and not caring abut anything outside because you are in that world.

numéro deux: youtube





these are 4 of the people that i love to watch. and if you can't watch all of them watch pj, his videos are amazing, i always look forward to watching one of his creations they are truly great. when i watch them they make me feel so, i can't explain it, but i love it.

numéro trois: creepy trees

I love the way the the branches and twigs intertwine it looks magical.

numéro quatre: television
i thought about having a point for each tv show but there would be too many, i c
onfess i am a tv junkie, so i am going to make a list here :) in no particular order:

  • NCIS
  • Merlin
  • Rush
  • White Collar
  • Doctor Who
  • Torchwood
  • Skins
  • Top Gear
  • Glee
  • Spicks and Specks
  • United States of Tara
  • Miss Marple
  • Poirot
  • Burn Notice
  • Malcolm in the Middle
just to name a few

numéro cinq: la famille
now i know it's not cooool or whatever to be seen out with your parents in public when you're 17 (because i'm 17 in three days!) but i quite enjoy the company of my family. of course they can annoy the bejeebers out of me but i love them.

numéro six: food

food glorious foooooooooooood. yum yum in my tum. i know i am
only young but yes i am a bit of a food snob. both my parents but mostly my dad are real foodies so when we go out for dinner it's goooood. i'll eat just about anything in any cuisine except for like liver and shit like that. japanese, indian, middle eastern, french, italian, south african you name it, i like it. except tomato. ew. and i flippin' hate masterchef.

numéro sept: the mighty melbourne demons

cale morton 10 ♥

i. love. them. i will always go to watch them play (when i can) no matter how bad they play or how low they are on the ladder. to all those people who gave up on them and left shame on you. this season has been great though, missed out on the finals but here's hoping for next year.

numéro huit: my friends or lack of

you know when you're telling a story and you say "oh yeah my friend da dada da da" and it's never usually your friend but it's just easier than explaining who this person is well that happens a lot to me. i only have few close friends, i mean i'm not a complete loner i talk with quite a lot of people at my school but really when i think about it i only have one really close friend.

numéro neuf: volcanoes

Mt. Yasur, Vanuatu 2010 - i took this photo, that is how close we were to falling in.

not the outcome of them but i find them really interesting. in
july last year i had the amazing experience of climbing a live volcano in Vanutatu. i was one of the most terrifying, magical, mind-blowing things of my life. before we went we had to sign a form saying that if we fell in/died then it was the responsibility of the hotel, haha. we then set off on the bumpiest road trip in the back of a ute for 2 hours, and once we reached the volcano we climbed it. there were no railings or anything like that one step and you were in the lava. every couple of minutes there would be a rumble and there would be a mini explosion of lava.

numéro dix: music

i am never without my trusty friend mr. ipod. when you find that song that just expresses the exact mood your in is the best feeling. there is a song for everything. music says things that people can't and is always there.

i promise it won't be as long until my next post.
au revoir mes amies x