Wednesday, May 26, 2010


why hello there internet, how's it hangin'. before i started this blog i thought maybe i'll give vlogging a go since i am a little addicted to youtube, until i realised that my webcam doesn't video. now, i have a pretty new laptop and it has a built in webcam and takes photos and everything and also has windows movie maker. so why go to all the trouble of putting in a webcam and loading the laptop with a video editor if it's not even going to video? just to make sure i typed in google (because google has the answer to all) acer crystal eye webcam video and turns out it not just me being blind but it really doesn't have a video feature. stupid.

so today my aunty came down and was saying how she loved year 11 and all the social things that happened in the year and it just got me thinking, i'm not at all. me being really cool (as you can see in the picture), i have never been invited to a party party and yeah it's annoying but what am i really missing out on? people drinking way too much and hooking up with people they barely know, ooooh fun. yet when i hear about a party i still get annoyed, i mean don't get me wrong midsummer murders on a saturday night is hard to beat. and then we are bobmarded with all these tv shows where we see teens (who are really being played by 24-28 year olds) going out and partying and doing all these things and i think i don't do that and people my age do not look like that, it's just so unrealistic. also i just watched some silly disney movie with my sister "starstruck" or something like that where the "ordinary" girl hates the "star" then they get stranded together and fall in love. they are my age and shit like that just doesn't happen.

all this just gives us an idea of what we are supposed to be doing and it's just all fake, majority of people aren't. i mean take the show "secret life of the american teenager" if our lives were actually like that we would be sleeping around and getting pregnant at 15, um no thankyou. and you see the year 8's at school who are piling on the makeup i mean really you look like a dessert and are all "like OMG no way, totally, eheh" it's a bit funny actually but also kinda sad. we shouldn't be doing this these things that, these shows and characters we idolise aren't real,THEY AREN'T REAL.

that was all a bit serious wasn't it. until we meet again x


  1. You know, i never got invited to any parties or anything when i was in Highschool (i worked damn hard and got really good grades - instead of looking at myself in the mirror all the time and over-using the word 'like'), at the time i was upset and angry at these people for not seeing how truely awesome i was and not inviting me to their crap parties with the underage drinking, the teen pregnancy and the snogging and the coolness. SCREW THEM!

    But you know what, i don't talk to anyone i went to highschool with anymore, and neither do any of my friends. The majority of the friends you make in Highschool don't make the cut of your friendship group when you are in your twenties, and the friends you make in your twenties are the ones you keep for life.

    Also, people in their twenties throw FUCKING AWESOME parties (you've seen my Lamebook photo's) that you remember forever.

    So don't stress, you work hard at school (which you already do) and forget those losers, you'll meet them again in ten years and laugh at how pathetic they really are.

  2. you are pretty much the coolest person ever laura :)

  3. Also, my friends want to adopt you. So you will have to come visit me.