Sunday, June 27, 2010

cinq. grey's, skins, ice age, titanic and of course harry.

i know i haven't blogged in two days, it's disgraceful, i made a promise and i broke it. i am sorry. and this one will be shit because i slept for 4 hours last night. you know i was partayyyying hard while the rents were out. hardcore. really me and my friends watched the whole first season of glee in one night.

crying. i think i do it too often. sometimes for no reason at all a wash of sadness will come over me and the tiniest of things can set of the water works. this happened the other day in fact when someone de-friended of facebook. silly really. but if i really need to cry all i have to do is watch any movie or even t.v show. i'm such a pansy. in every episode of grey's anatomy someone passed away which was so sad, so of course i cried, i no longer watch the show now. skins was another one that brought me to tears on a number of occasions. i cried in ice age, you know when they think diego (the tiger) is dead, my 9 year old self cried her heart out, pretty sure i still would. nothing, though, compares to the titanic, it is the saddest movie of them all. while me and my friend ally were watching it, she had never seen it, we were bawling, not just a few tears but streams and streams pouring down our faces while sobbing into our tissues. we're not watching it again. even while reading a book i have begun to cry. in new moon (yes i've read the twilight saga, i liked it but
harry potter rules all!) when edward left bella in the woods i shed a few tears but nothing like i did whilst reading harry potter and the deathly hallows. there was so many deaths: remus, tonks, hedwig, fred, mad eye, and as harry was walking to his death the words his parents spoke to him made me cry. what affected me most though was the death of dobby the house elf. while reading the images of harry digging the elf's grave and dobby's cute little elf face were pictured in my head and i found myself once again blubbering away.

i think it's good though, to have a cry every once in a while, just to let everything out and have a good ol' fashioned cry, even for no reason at all.

gets me every time.


  1. aw hunny! I cried in Titanic also.

  2. Oh man, when Tonks and Lupin died i sobbed my heart out. I'm a massive crier too. I get WAY too emotionally involved in everything. I find a reason to cry while watching any show or reading any book. I even found myself getting teary in a toilet paper ad with ducklings.

    So sad.