Wednesday, June 9, 2010


hi hi :) so ohmygoodness harry potter and the deathly hallows trailer!!!!! (multiple exclamation points needed)

if you didn't know already, you know now that i am probably the least rebellious teenager ever. i really just don't see the point in making my parents mad, i mean call me crazy but i actually like and respect my parents, i wouldn't just go out and do something because they told me not to. i don't understand why people do it? i mean don't they feel bad? i know i feel terrible if i felt i've done something wrong, like once i snuck out with my friend and we got caught and she didn't feel anything at all but i felt so bad and my mum wasn't even angry at me . i pretty much fail as a teenager haha. but i really would like to know what possesses people to be "rebellious". the most rebellious thing i have done is get my ear pierced up the top and a second one on my lobe to which i told/asked my mum if i could do it anyway. i am really excited because i got the second one in my lobe done today so now because i am hardcore i have three piercings in one ear. and that's how exciting my life gets. ohyeah.



  1. hey you got a third one! cool! love the photo very mysterious

  2. WOOHOO. Triple piercing. You bad ass. I really want to stick all mine in again but i'm far too lazy. I do have the 'i need another tattoo itch' going on and i'm pretty sure it's either going to be kitty, or harry potter related. EEP.

  3. haha i know much to my mum's dismay. i had to comprimise though, she would only let me get it if i didn't put a ring in my cartlidge one which is a bum cause she knows that's what i wanted to do.
    a harry potter tattoo i think would be the most epiccoolawesomest thing ever.