Wednesday, June 23, 2010

trois. silence is deafening.

music. it can make you feel happy when you're sad or just let you feel what you need to feel. without music i would be lost. music for me is almost everything whatever mood i'm in there is always something to listen to on my best friend trusty mr. ipod. music is always playing in the background and in a way comforting me. music has been there when people haven't. i owe so much to music. i may have bad hearing when i'm older but hey, that won't stop me and my ipod. too bad the radio has a habit of ruining perfectly good songs. except triple j. which i have begun to listen to more. there they play a range of different music not just boppy techno-ised stuff. i enjoy listening to all the non-mainstream music for a change, it's nice. so i ask what does music mean to you?
la musique.

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