Tuesday, June 22, 2010

deux. moi

hello, nice to meet you, my name is ella (the older one in the picture). i have the cutest dog in the world and a psycho cat. my life consists of school, basketball and working at Our Kitchen Table (go there it's great!). that's pretty much it. once i find something/someone i like i obsess over it; harry potter, youtube vloggers (charlie, alex, mac to name a few), malcolm in the middle, glee, the midnight beast. the list goes on.
don't tell me a blonde joke, i've heard them all. as soon as my hair starts changing i will dye it, maybe something radical like jet black or fiery red. i hardly ever wear make up i do not see the point. i could never not eat, food is just too good. i have a tendency to speak french but if you ask me to say something in french i won't. i will not do something because everyone is doing it i will do something i want to. i am a bit of an environmentalist. i watch too much t.v. i seem to be pretty pessimistic although i don't mean to. my room looks like a bomb hit it. i do not drink or smoke. whenever i can i go to the MCG to watch my melbourne demons play, they. are. amazing. i have vegemite on toast pretty much every morning. i could not live without my ipod. seriously. i wish i could play a musical instrument. my favourite colour is red. i am just thinking up random facts to make this longer :)

peace ♥.


  1. Your fave colour is red because of me, right? right? Heheh.
    You should go Black, it'd look EPIC. I went black when i was fourteen, i thought i was awesome. You could totally pull red off too, you have the perfect skin for it. DO IT.

    I found this (http://flightsofwhimsy.wordpress.com/2010/03/21/30-days-of-blogging/) to give us some ideas.

    I'm not working Saturday, but see you Sunday?

  2. that's going to help heaps! my 30 day blog is failing and i'm only up to day 3 haha.

    maybe when you come visit me and we see harry potter i'll be RED or BLACK wouldn't that be exciting. i doubt it though i'm a pansy.

    i'm not working sunday :( but see you monday night. yes! photos! :D