Saturday, May 22, 2010


facebook, it really is a waste of my time, but yet i still find myself on it doing nothing. i say to myself 5 minutes and then i'll do my homework, 2 hours later, what the hell have i been doing? i'll tell you wasting 2 hours of my life on a pointless website that i will never get back. but then again i have avoided my homework but that will only increase the amount of stress that i am already under. and still i will go back onto facebook half an hour later. WHY?!

haha i found this, i think i need one of these.

it's like i do it on purpose, leaving my homework to the last minute, probably because that's the only drama happening in hit tv series ella's life. i'm not the only one who does this though i bet, i'm pretty sure the whole of my year level is the same with the exception of a few. but why do we do this? but then again why do we need so much bloody homework? today's homework effort: nada
. this is bad.

on another note, i actually went out on a friday night, who would have thought. i should explain that i never go out ever because i'm cool like that, mmm yeah. my friday nights are the one and only fish and chip night and saturday nights consist of a delicious dinner cooked by my dad followed by either the footy and/or the family viewing of midsummer murders, oh yeah. which is lovely, but it was nice to go out.

or for a change i will go to ally's place, like i would go to anyone else's place, and be rebs as you can see in these pictures. we are hardcore. written sarcasm doesn't really come across as well as hoped but you get it. and yes i know sarcasm is supposedly the lowest form of humour but i still like it. (and yes i went to the taylor swift concert, i was front of mosh, it was awesome.)

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