Tuesday, May 18, 2010


and so today began with my brain debating on whether to stay in my warm warm bed or brace myself for the cold outside of it, i opted for my bed for an extra half hour. mmm warmth.

so right now i am meant to be doing a ridiculous amount of homework but i thought hey why not write a blog instead, makes sense. too much homework too little time, it is ludicrous. there's that biology poster, i mean a poster what are we in year 7 now? there's that media vlog we have to do for monday, my maths SAC thursday, so much psychology and english it's a joke and then bloody exam revision. ludicrous. that is now my favourite word, for today anyway.

that's not next week but the week after. shit.

enough of my ranting. okay so i realise i haven't even introduced myself on this. bonjour! je m'appelle ella. that's really as exciting as it gets, really and if you are the one person reading this i say Merci/thankyou and i guess you will get to know me as time goes on and on and anyway...

on my laptop i have a finger swipe identification awesomeo thing, where to log into my computer all i have to do is swipe and ta-da. and so i was thinking what if i was murdered and then the team of ncis (even though i have no relation to the navy but i would like to think gibbs would be solving my murder) came to check my laptop for anything bodgy and we're like "boss, it's protected by both finger ID and password, this girl must be hiding something." when really i just think it is uber cool. yeah i said uber. i watch way too much t.v.

yes these are the people i would want solving my murder.

a le prochain fois / until next time.

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