Sunday, July 4, 2010

recent happenings.

as you can see i have failed dismally at writing a blog every day for thirty days. i apologise. and as it has been forever since we last spoke i thought i would inform you on my riveting life on which i have not blogged about.

pinch and a punch for the first of the month for four days ago.

two. fuck yeah holidays.
wow i swore on the internets for the first time that's how excited i am about this. the reason i never type swearing really is silly, even though while speaking out loud i do swear when i type it, to me, it just seems way harsher, anyway there's my reason.

three. my hair is partially "rich burgundy" which is fading now

check out ma paiiint skiilllllllllllllz

four. i bought my formal dress :D
sass and bide - half price! so worth it :D

this holidays obsession. (previous holidays obsessions - malcolm in the middle, the oc, gossip girl, merlin, ncis, skins) in my own tradition of having an obsession of a TV show every holidays the newest addition is doctor who. i really don't mean it but my mum pointed out to me that this occurs every holidays. this week i watched the whole second series. i haven't watch the first, you see i started with the david tennant one's. and in relation to my last post about crying. spoiler alert. while watching the finale, the doctor and rose were separated forever, it was so sad! i was crying of course. that day we had people working on our roof and as soon as it had finished they walked in saying they were leaving while i was sobbing in my pj's watching doctor who. it. was. embarrassing.

six. i am seeing eclipse tomorrow. my sister didn't like it but she told me that she saw the preview for harry potter and the deathly hallows. i think i am more excited to see a two and a half minute clip of harry potter than 124 minutes of eclipse.

there you have it.

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  1. YES. Hair = AMAZING.
    Dress is epic.
    I need to sit next to you tonight so you can watch me cry like a BIATCH during th Harry preview.

    Also, i suck as much as you with blogging.