Sunday, July 18, 2010


right at this very moment i am meant to be writing my 600-800 worded newspaper article for my english SAC of which i have written 0 words so far, so i thought i'll write a blog. because that seems logical.

so school went back for me this week, stupid public school short 2 week holidays. and i cannot believe it has only been one week! it already feel as though school has been back for at least a month. i think i am going to be no more, be taken, breathe one's last, cease to exist, conk, croak, decease, demise, depart, drop, drop off, drown, expire, finish, i've up the ghost, go way of all flesh, kick the bucket, perish, relinquish life, succumb, suffocate, die as i am remembering that there is still around 9 weeks left of this term and then another 3981563284789 after that.

i'm sure you will be happy to know that i am up to 346 words now.


so it's been almost 72 hours since i started writing this and don't worry i finished my english. i'm sorry i haven't written in ages it's just i've had nothing really to write about.

i have noticed on facebook that people are always posting status like "i can't go on" what's the point in trying" and depressing lyrics. seriously shut the fuck up you are depressing my newsfeed. you'd think that they'd understand that nobody really cares and that there attention seeking scheme hasn't worked because nobody comments on them.

i mean if you really are unhappy disregard that last part and i'm and truly sorry if you are here's a smiley face for you: :) ♥

but seriously otherwise i would love you to leave my newsfeed alone.

that was bitchy. talking about bitchy, i have discovered over the years that girls are so mean. what makes us this way, why do we feel the need to be so mean! it's horrible. at school i was eavesdropping, don't judge me you do it too, and anyway for the whole 50 minutes these girls were just bitching about another girl. and yes this girl had done some things wrong but what the other two girls were saying behind her back was just low. now i'm not going to lie i've done my fair share of bitching but i have also been on the other end with girls bullying me. it never stops. there will always be someone who ruins everything. we just need to stop and think. bullying really affects people and it's a horrible feeling if it's being done to you. what kind of people feel better about themselves but bring others down. horrible horrible horrible.

and could the fruitlooping sun come back, i mean i am loving the winterness but i think my body is turning into ice i need to be thawed out.

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  1. I know what you mean about depressing my news feed, mr news feed has feeling to people.
    Love your Ella-ness