Saturday, November 20, 2010

on a rolllllllllll.

so for the second night in a row i have found myself writing a blog, wowzers.

so school's out on friday. hallelujah. then soon i will be in the wonderfully glorious country that is europe, which i will blog about, for an entire month. squeeeee. but then alas when i return i will be going into what is my final year of high school. the big one. what all this has built up to. the dreaded pressures of year bloody twelve. but on the plus side there's the common room and being top of the school. even though it sounds horrible but i do, a little bit, like having the power of making people move in the corridors or up the stairs so that i can get through cue evil laughter, not really. but seriously, i think this power is going to my head. poor little year seven's. it's funny to think that, when in year seven, i looked at the year twelves and pretty much saw these smart adults who did copious amounts of homework in really difficult subjects. pffft. yeah. whatever. adults? what was i thinking? i still act as though i'm thirteen, and homework? what homework? i don't remember doing much of that this year. and as for mature, i think the picture speaks for itself.

secretly i'm still a little year seven on the inside.

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