Thursday, February 21, 2013

hello again.

So i thought it had been even more than two years since I made a blog post, which it has been, and for some reason I have decided to start writing on here again. This could be because i have spent my last two days off sitting at home literally doing nothing, so now, at 5:19pm, i have found something to do that doesn't involve the tv or tumblr. Don't get me wrong tumblr is fine but i find really all I find myself doing on it is reblogging pictures. Here I can write, yes you can do that on tumblr, but nobody cares and blogger seems the place to spill. 

The last time I blogged was the beginning of the dreaded year of the final year at school. Year 12 both sucks butt and is super at the same time. Since then i have finished high school, with what i was very happy with, started at Deakin University studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science, but specifically Environmental Management and Sustainability, I travelled through Siem Reap, Phnom Pehn, Sihanoukville, Cambodia and Saigon, Vietnam, and have since left Deakin to continue studying at The University of Melbourne.

Right now I'm caught between first and second year, and nobody seems to be helping. Each person you ring just refers you to another, it has become quite infuriating, why can't anybody just answer the questions. "I've got them mooo-OOO-oo-OOO-ooo-oo-OO-ves like Jagger". Everybody loves a good pop song. And if not, they should. really. Back to Melbourne. just help me out. 

This is me trying to get back into blogging, it's definitely not there yet. Just like the storm that brewing above. The thunder has been slowly rumbling for the past half hour, it's like when you need to sneeze and you're like, it's coming, it's coming, it's coming, gone. 

I really need to find a hobby. Hopefully this will be the start of one.

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  1. Hope Enjoy blogging again!